It’s the end of the semester for me and I have four papers between me and INTENSE R&R time, in my room, on my bed, with my pooch and endless period dramas. But that’s then, back to the now.

Now, I am combing through 5 tragedies of Sir William Shakespeare, with tonight’s focus being Macbeth. [Side note: I did not like the new version of this play with Michael Fassbender. I feel ugly on the inside because of this, but oh well. However, I will be using pictures from that movie because the actors that play the Macbeths are superb.]

For those of you who have not read Macbeth, spoiler alert: HE DIES. But he dies because he heard three witches in the middle of no where tell him he would King of Scotland. Macbeth is like, “Hey! That sounds like a grand idea! Let me go kill the current king so I can make that happen ASAP.” Then there is Lady Macbeth (see below),


AKA Marion Cotillard, being ambitious enough to make Lucifer quirk an eyebrow that just will NOT let her hubby off the hook. When he starts to falter in his resolve to do the bloody deed, she comes up to him and snatches that man card away. She wants to be queen, and she is not going to let something as silly as being a decent/normal human get in the way of that.

So, the Macbeths kill Duncan, become King and Queen. Nobody really likes them, then they are found out. Lady Macbeth goes bonkers and kills herself. Macbeth has his head cutoff. The end. Great play.

So, there is y’alls random wonderings for this week. Do you like Macbeth? 



One thought on “Random Wonderings b/c of Willy the Shake

  1. I actually liked Macbeth :] Lol, and I must admit I love your second to last paragraph on the conclusion of the play! I haven’t seen the new version of the play (still on the outs of if I want to or not), but I have watched The Royal Shakespeare Company Production’s version with Ian McKellen and Judi Dench. If you manage to your hands on a copy I highly recommend you watch it!

    On a side note, this blog of yours is pretty awesome! Can’t wait to see where you take it.

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