20 Interesting Facts about Science Fiction

Terribly sorry I haven’t been as active this week folks! This semester is coming to a close and, as I am sure most college students are, I am feeling the bloody STRESS. 

Anywho. During one  of my breaks from reality I came across this fun article about the Science Fiction genre. I think the Science Fiction genre is truly innovative and fantastic, but I also think there exists a haze of misconceptions around it. Of course, those that love it are impervious to it, but those that are not apart of the Sci-fi world… I think fear it. Strange. So, check the article out and leave me comments about your opinions! 

Also, I think I have an entertaining line up of books to be reviewed, so keep an eye for those reviews! [But don’t be using binoculars or anything because, like I said, I’m wee bit busy at the moment. :)] Cheerio!  


Trivia about classic science-fiction In this post, we thought we’d share some of our favourite facts about science fiction, SF, sci-fi, call it what you will – partly because the world …

Source: 20 Interesting Facts about Science Fiction


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