Guys, if you never used a lib guide you are missing out. They are such great resources for finding lots of material about a specific topic. And there are TONS of topics. Where ever you are go to your libraries webpage and find their lib guides. But, mentally prepare yourself to get lost in a black hole.


Anyways, time to get down to business. So. For mah job I have to make a short list of the lib guides I think would be helpful to our patrons and a list of lib guides I think would be helpful to my coworkers and myself.

List for Patrons:

  1. Bluebonnet Awards – This lib guide would be great to refer to parents that have kids in 3rd to 6th grade. These books are the creme de la creme and I get a lot of people asking what books are Bluebonnet books. Therefore, this lib guide would be a great resource to refer curious parents to. Unless you have all the past winners, current winners, and future nominees memorized (kudos to you if you do and you have too much time on your hands).
  2. What Do I Read Now? – We’ve all been there. We finish a book, we loved it, we feel bereft without it, and now, we want more like it. But, oh, THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS! Fear not! There is a lib guide for that (and plenty of apps, but that’s not the point). This lib guide is great because it has everything in nice lists that are divided by genre, series, subject, themes, award winners, and even book groups. What more could your panic inducing book withdrawal ask for?
  3. Creative Writing –   Calling all writers! Here is a resource for you! Its full of lots of books that would be great reference tools for you as you improve on in your writing. Once schools I’m going to be checking several of these out! It is also a great resource for students that are having issues with research papers (raises hand) or regular creative writing work.

List for Staff:

  1. Downloading Books – In this age of e-books it makes sense that those that work in a library, in any capacity, know how to operate their e-book services. For SAPL we use OverDrive and this lib guide has a lot the answers to questions that we get asked in our job.
  2. Mobile Apps & the Library: Tools You Can Use – There is an app for everything. SAPL is not exception. We have a mySAPL app that give our patrons access to everything they need to check out books, put books on hold, check their accouns, or even renew checked out items. Its a great resource. But sometimes it takes a little while to learn how to navigate. This lib guide is a good quick guides type of resource for staff so that we can stay informed and be able to troubleshoot with our patrons.

Well, that’s all for today folks! Hope you found this informative and be sure to check out the lib guides!


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