I’m struggling with what to write about this book. I’m not entirely sure why, it was really great. It was one of those books that rips your heart and feeds it you. And damnit! You loved every moment of it. But … I think I’m worried I’m not going to do it justice. Well, forgive me Jojo Moyes, but I am going to try and write a review on your awesome book.

To provide a quick and dirty summary: this book is about the relationship between a young man, Will Traynor, who is disabled and rather cross with being disabled; and young woman, Louisa (Lou) Clark who is quirky, fearless, and just so incredibly alive. She becomes his caretaker and tries to do what no one else has been able to do – bring him back to life. Because he really really hates his life. He who was once a virile, successful man. And now he can only move his head a bit and barely use one of his arms. These individuals become the most unlikely of friends and then (and I mean come on, you can see this coming from MILES away) fall in love. *commence aww-ing* But that is not even the main problem in this book. After the relationship is established,  this books becomes a question of: when is the quality of life not enough? Or not worth it anymore? Each of the characters has their own opinion on the matter, and Moyes does a great job of taking the reader through the emotional and complex roller coaster develops from them trying to answer these questions. And that is all I’m going to tell you because I am terrible about giving away spoilers.

So, I would like to focus on Louisa Clark because she was just a phenomenal character. Why? Because she is so bloody relatable. Even for those people who consider themselves normal, will something of themselves in this woman. She’s scared, like we all can be, of things she has never tried before; loves a broken man the power of a thousand suns; is a jealous older sister; and acts like a child at times. See what I mean? Totally relatable. But there is also plenty to admire in her. She speaks without thinking (a trait I personally, have always wished I could have possessed), is fearless (even she admits this), and, as mentioned before, just radiates an energetic sense of life. She is one of the best characters I have had the pleasure of knowing in a long time. Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on her? Am I being too generous?

I would like to take a quick stroll down serious lane now. The books brings up a topic that is as touchy as abortion, though not as popular. The topic is consensual suicide. There is probably a more proper term for it, but that’s what it is in laymen’s terms. This book provides some insight to the topic, but it does it so in such a way that it prevents you from jumping to a conclusion right away. It makes you see, and experience, the life of someone who wants to kill themselves. It gives humanity to a issue that is … dark.  It doesn’t seek to change your mind on the issue, but it certainly gives the mind food for thinking latter. It  tries makes you understand.

But, on a final note, this book is also very much about L-O-V-E. And if your a closet romantic, you will love this book. Also, if you like Lurlene McDaniel’s books, you will really like this book. But, be warned. This book will make you love love and also make you wish you never find the damned thing.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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