Oh social media. I really hated Facebook and MySpace when they came out. Hated it. Thought it was a socially constructed way for serial killers and rapists to find me and ruin my life (or just kill me). But, someone dangled a farm game in front of my face and I caved.

I’m not that social on FB or even here (that’s mostly because I have 2 followers. Help a girl out peeps). And social media has not really “impacted my life” because it’s always been there. I do notice I laugh more though (thank you memes), but that’s just because of the funny pages I follow. Not the people I’m friends with.

Social media is fun though. It’s black hole of distraction that ALWAYS lose myself in. Yay.


One thought on “Lesson 6, Part 1 Challenge: Social Media and Me (I?)

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