In this post, we have to pick one question out of 3 to answer. The questions all deal with internet security and safety, and are also scenario questions.

The question I have chosen to answer is the following: A customer comes up to you and says they think their Facebook account was hacked, but they’re not sure.

One of the first things I would ask is this: what makes them believe they are hacked? Typically, it’s pretty obvious that an account has been hacked. Once we figure out if there is a hacking situation we will do the following:

First, we would go to their security settings and delete an devices that are approved to have their account logged into, otherwise known as “active sessions”. Deactivating these sessions will be taking away the approvals that the hacker has on your account.

After we have deactivated any active sessions, I would tell the patron to reset their password. I would also tell them to make it something obscure (but not obscure to the point they won’t remember it) and have several numbers and symbols.

Next, we will report the hack to Facebook if the hacking was one of those types that sends out ads for Viagra or a free iPhone. If the hacking wasn’t ad based or something like that however, then I will tell the patron to post something about the hack on their FB to let friends know that if something … “weird” or out of the ordinary was posted recently it was not really them but their evil cyber impostor.

Following the warning post, I would tell the patron to go through their applications that they have approved on their FB and tell them to delete any that 1)they don’t remember ever approving, or 2)they haven’t used in a long time.

Lastly, I would tell them to go through all their security settings and make them more strict then they had before. Also, add login approvals which won’t let your account be logged into unless they have a login code (which they won’t because they come up on your phone).

Dealing with a hacked account can be a long process but if dealt with in a timely matter, it doesn’t have to be anything that can scar a person from ever using social media again.

Here a link to the website I used as reference:




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