The Reading Slump

Y’all know what I mean by reading slump. That feeling of wanting to read, but when you look at a book … You don’t want to read it. More specifically, you want to have ALREADY read it. Then you stare dismally at this wonderful book because you just CAN’T right now. I hate it, I’m sure y’all hate it.  For me it makes me feel like a terrible bookworm. Like, Bookworm police just come and take my bookworm crown away from me until I become more worthy of the honorably title. It sucks. But reading slumps happen. Quite often. 

Being in this reading slump and being a recent graduate has formed a theory in my head about reading slumps and growing up. How so you ask? Because now I’m all about work and when I come home from work I’m brain dead. And I work at a library for goodness sake.  But, back to my theory…

Theory: Adults who once enjoyed to read are in a perpetual reading slump from which the rigors of life will not release them from. 

This is my theory because I have heard many, MANY times from more adulty adults the following: “I used to love to read.” I’m sorry, used to? One simply does not not stop loving to read. What happen there my friend is that you became too tired to put forth the effort; too drained by the constant “thou needs to read this or that” that we are faced with on a daily basis. Because, let’s admit it, no one likes to be told what to do. And book nerds truly hate to be told what to read. 

So, now that I have posed this theory I am interested (very interested) to know what y’all think about it. Describe to me what your reading slumps are like. Do you think my theory is a bunch bull-hockey? Let me know! 


2 thoughts on “The Reading Slump

  1. I do not have reading slumps. I read constantly, compulsively. Perhaps not as much as I used to before I entered the workforce, but I read every day. I do suffer reading-related slumps, in which I go through phases in which I am uncertain about what I want to read. These instances particularly occur after I have been reading a lot of shit that doesn’t appeal to me as a reader. There is likely a reader out there for every book, but there are also a lot of books for which I am not the happy reader. At those times, I generally select a classic work of literature or re-read a book that I love.

    My gut tells me that if you are getting home and don’t feel like reading, then you might need to take a break from reading. Maybe you need to go outside and take a long walk, or try writing the book you haven’t read yet, or, of course, veg in front of the TV. That’s okay – your free time should be spent doing things that you enjoy.


    1. Thank you for sharing! Ah yes! I get in those types of slumps where I can’t decide what to read. Sometimes I feel those are just as bad as the one I described.
      And thank you for the encouraging words about my personal reading slump. I think I will go pick up one of my favorites.But you also brought up a really good point about there being a reader for every book. This makes me want to talk about something else, but that topic can be for another post.

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