“Just because something is silly, or is involved with dubious standards of legitimacy – like science fiction and fantasy – doesn’t mean you don’t take it seriously.”

– Ryan Britt, Luke Skywalker Can’t Read … 

I’m currently reading “Luke Skywalker Can’t Read: And Other Geeky Truths” by Ryan Britt, and I’m starting to get the sense that this book is more than just a published book about one guy’s opinions. No, this book is nothing like that (well, maybe a little). What this book is (so far) is a fun read about the science fiction and fantasy community, and the various “truths” that are created, destroyed, supported, debunked, etc. within it. I put truth in quotation marks because truth is a relative idea in the  fantasy and science fiction world. Literally.  The worlds created within this community are not real. But, on the other hand, truth is relative in this place of make believe awesomeness because everybody sees and interprets the various aspects of science fiction and fantasy differently.  This means there is always going to be some disagreement in the community on many, many topics. But this funky cohesion that is the science fiction and fantasy community is what makes it great. And I mean like, GREAT. Here’s another quote from the book that I think says what I’m trying to say with a more flair:

“Like that movie [Barbarella] taught me what I’ve found profound about science fiction and fantasy: just because someone else defines ‘it’ for you, doesn’t mean you can’t redefine it for yourself.”

Am I the only one this sentiment gives warm tinglies to? Surely I cannot be. But if I am so be it. However, if I am not, please let me know your thoughts and musings about this idea of science fiction and fantasy being so open and accepting to various interpretations. Its’s time we got serious about our robots, spaceships, warlock, and everything else that thrives in sci-fi and fantasy.


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