So, apparently Luke Skywalker really can’t read. And there is a reason for this. A weirdly logical reason as well. It will blow your mind when you read this essay in the book and realize how undeniable this shocking assertion is. Also, Back to the Future (I-III) is full of paradoxes that can confuse a person. I mean literal brain hurting type of confusion. (My headache could attributed to me never having seen any of the BTF movies, so maybe it will make more sense to y’all.) But at the same time that you are learning so many new aspects of various sci-fi staples (like Star Wars and Star Trek), you will also be nodding your head to a lot of the comments he makes about these various icons because you have been thinking these same things the entire span of your relationship with these worlds/universes. 

And this ability to be a learning experience for those sideline fans and an added voice to the general discussion for the die-hard fans, is what truly made me appreciate this book. Yes, all the essays were based from one guy’s observations/opinions, but 1) he doesn’t try to throw them in your face and 2) he does try to look beyond his personal experiences and bring other sci-if/fantasy scholars and their opinions on the matter. But the personal nature of the essays were a large plus (for me) in this book. The personal perspective grounded the book and made it seem like you were at a coffee shop (too cliche? Too bad.) with Mr.Britt having a fascinating and engaging conversation with a fellow sci-fi/fantasy fan. 

And the final message of the book – that sci-if and fantasy is something that is definable but its definitions and parameters are not concrete and change from person to person. AND THAT’S OKAY. – is beautiful. Because you know what? Sometimes there is no “wrong” and “right” way. There is only gray area, and instead of being somewhat scared or annoyed with this gray area we should embrace it and thrive in it. Thrive you ask? Yes, thrive. Because with all the variation comes endless possibilities! Plus, we’d never run out of things to talk/debate/argue about. 

P.S. The picture has nothing to do with anything. I just thought it was funny. 


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