This novel was a complete and utter joy to read. An ABSOUTE JOY. The main character and narrator, Clay,  is a great millennial that, I believe, all millennials can relate to on some level. Regardless if you’re into marketing or not (that’s kind of his thing). And if they cannot relate to him there are his gang of brilliant people that I am sure someone will say, “If this scooby gang was real, I would be __________________.” That’s how fantastic this book is. It’s a one size-fits-most kinda story.

But the other aspect of the novel that I loved was how I felt like I was talking to a friend; or more accurately, that Clay is talking to me. But he is definitely my BFF (Best Fictional Friend).  Sloan wrote in such a way that the relationship the reader develops with Clay and gang of geeks story becomes so personal that you think you are really apart of this story. But…but the writing also keeps that 3rd wall up so the story doesn’t get too … what’s the word… chaotic (?). As you read, you know you are not really in the story (obviously), but damnit it feels like these people are your friends and that you are going on all these crazy adventures with them. All this up-close and personal business just makes this book that much more fun to read.

Also, there is  a super-secret (though not THAT secret) – society that I would L-O-V-E to be a member of if ever given the chance. Though only on the condition that the books were not coded (they bizarrely are, and the members just go into fits about them, but the good kinds of fits) because me and riddles/codes don’t get along all that well. This society is also like all booklover’s ideal Jedi society. In a way. Here are a group of people that love books, and love to talk to other people who share a similar love, and there is such a strong sense of comradery and it is all centered. On. Books! Paradise, yes? Yes.

I strongly encourage this book to any and all who are either in a reading slump or need something to make them smile. You will not regret it!


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