So far I have only read “Cinder” (the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer), but wow. This is a one of kind re-telling of Cinderella. It stands out among the rest of the re-tellings of this classic fairytale. 

So, things I liked about this book (NO SPOILERS): 

  • The world of New Beijing – This is not exactly and ideal paradise, by any means. However, Meyer gives such life (and death) to this place. The people here are tough but not devoid of life. It’s a post-apocalyptic city that is determined to live and thrive. Definitely paints humanity in a positive light. 
  • Moon People – That’s all I’m saying because I’m going to ruin some of the magic if I elaborate too much. Plus, Meyer explains it so much better. But how awesome are moon people? Very awesome. 
  • Technological wonders – Cinder is a cyborg. There are androids. There is hovering vehicles that do not need a driver. 
  • Magic – In addition to their being cool technology there is also magic! Gah. Love it all. 
  • Cinder – She’s a teen far too old in her soul, but still adorkable. She’s a tomboy and though she’s scared, when she feels something is right she does what she feels needs to be done. Oh, she makes me wistful and wishful that all teenagers could be like her. 

Things I did not like about this book (NO SPOILERS):

  • The ending. 
  • The step-mother (but that’s kind of the point). 
  • The poignant message this book has about being prejudiced against someone because of the way they look (again, I also think that was kind of the point). 

This book should not be labeled as a young adult book because someone older than a teenager could (and I think, will) love this book. Granted, the teenage angst can get a little … Distracting (?) for someone who is well past that stage in their life. 

Final note: If you have not read this book, give it a chance. Give it at least 100 pages. You’ll enjoy it. 

** about the picture – If you read it you’ll get it. Also, it was too cute to pass up. ** 


2 thoughts on “Hello Lunar Chronicles. Where Have You Been All My Life? 

  1. I loved Cinder but the series does get better, Scarlet is my favourite out of the lot but Winter is really good too. However, I would recommend reading Fairest before Winter. I’m not much fr in-between books/novellas but I think this one worked.


    1. Thanks for commenting, and thank you for this advice! I’ll keep this in mind as I keep reading. 🙂 I’m not a big fan of novellas either, but happy to know that this one works.

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