Cricket, Cricket

This is the metaphorical sound happening on my blog right now. I apologize for the dry spell dearies! Summer at a public library is VERY busy, and I was totally surprised by how drained it left me. That is one of the reasons that I have not posted in … about a month? For shame, I know. I barely finished a book I started in  May this week as well! Oh the agony of wanting to read but also wanting to sleep.

But work, work, work was not the only reason I have not posted.

Y’all know Game of Thrones, right? Of course y’all do. Whelp, I decided I was gonna watch them all in a attempt to catch up with current season. So, there’s that.

But GoT has ended, breaking my heart with it, I have adjusted to the summer frenzy at work, so now it is time to READ and WRITE dammit.

All this being said…

Start expecting more frequent posts! Thanks for staying faithful and happy reading!


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