V.E. Schwab has a beautiful mind. How do I know this? No, I have not crawled around in her noggin and checked for myself (ew), but I have read “A Darker Shade of Magic,” which is … MAGICAL (heehee).

I was thinking of good manner in which to describe it, but didn’t have a solid metaphor or comparison to it till I was talking to one of my buddies about it. He said the sound of it reminded him of Dr. Strange. Why? Because in the world of Kell and Lila (our two protagonists) there exists multiple dimensions or realities. London is the focal point city of all three (technically 4, but that’s something I don’t feel like going into at the moment), and where the action takes place in the book. BUT… only Kell and the royalty of each London know that there is more than one London.

Kell, you see, is a very special magical being. And he and one other person in all the realities are he only ones with the ability to travel between the worlds. This is where the Dr. Strange comparison comes in. And like the new Benedict Cumberbatch version of Dr. Strange coming soon to a theatre near you, Kell seems very much a dashing, arrogant, British man (no, offense British men – I love you all). Honestly, I reminded of a less smart version of Sherlock. But he’s not dumb. By no means.

ANYWAYS. Moving along. There is magic in these books, and it’s the presence or lack there of, of magic that separates the Londons. Not really, but for Kell who travels between them all, here’s how he describes them to Lila:

“I use color to keep them straight. Grey London, which is yours [Lila’s]. Red London which is mine. White London, which is Hollands’s [a not so savory character]. And Black London, which is no one’s.” (pg. 190).

So, I’ve written a bit about Kell and the magical world. Now, I want to tell you a bit about Lila. This girl is a force to be reckoned with. She might only be a teenager, but she’s a survivor. She is an admirable character for most of the book, but there are moments when her arrogance gets on my nerves. Why? Because she’s acting like a stupid teenager with a knife. Dumb dumb dumb.

Now who would I recommend this book? Anybody who likes magic. Anybody who likes a really good dynamic between a male and female character (but that doesn’t get all sappy). Anybody that likes damn-fine writing and a bloody-good story.

Have you read this book before? Tell me your thoughts and lets fangirl/boy together!


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