“I choose you over everyone.” 

– Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell 

Be still my ache-y break-y heart. This line is beautiful. Shoo, Cath and Levi are beautiful. 

Okay, so I realize I am reading this book well after its hoopla had hit its threshold, but wow. I’m a graduate of college and this book still hit me in the feels. Like right in DAMN feels. Yeez-us. Moving on…. 

I’m in a list-ee mood, so I am going to write my review as a list of the good and the bad of this book. 


  • Characters – Cather, Levi, Reagan, Wren, and even douchewad Nick. They were ALIVE, ROUND, DYNAMIC. They were human. And, duh, yes they are human. But it’s hard to create a human on page. We are such weird and complex creatures that seem to constantly defy definition…. And yet we have stereotypes…. Okay. I’m leaving that alone. NEXT! 
  • Welcome to the Fan World – Honestly, this book is a nice introduction in to the fandom world, but it does not, by any means, explain everything. I don’t think one book could explain everything there this know about fandom so. There’s just so much. But it does show what’s it like be apart of something that spans cultures, countries, and differences. In my humble opinion, fandom are the ultimate hippie movement. Why?  Because we are united by our love of something. 
  • College Expereince – I alternate between feeling like all newbie college freshmen should read this and they shouldn’t. I think they should so they realize that college has a good and bad side (this book does good job of getting that message across without scaring the shit out of you). But, I don’t think they should, at least not till the second semester, because I don’t want  them to get their hopes up…. 
  • This book is relatable – Obviously, I have already touched on this with the the characters, but I feel it deserves it’s one point in the list, because MOTHER OF GOD, Cath our protagonist was so relatable. Her whole college Expereince was relatable. And as you can read from some of the other reviews I have written, being able to read something and think, “OMG! Yes! I know exactly what this is like,” it brings a sense of connectedness. Like a small comfort that this fictional character gets you. Or you get them. Or you get each other. 


  • There is only complaint I have. THE ENDING. Caught me completely off guard. And I felt like something very critical went completely over my head. This may just be my personal experience, but …. Yeah. My only critique is the ending. Really weird and unfulfilling ending. 

PLEASE, please, please! Share your thoughts on this book with me! I enjoyed it so much and no one around me seems to have read it. 😦 So, let us Fangirl about it together! 


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