What an amazingly fun read! I loved this book so much! I needed a pick-me-up over this last month and this book was the perfect medicine for my ailments.

Some things I just want to throw out there as a “warning” though. The first thing is there is a LOT of curse words. So, if this is a book trait you are not particularly fond of, I actually would not pick up this book. Second, it is very anecdotal. For some readers, this is not their cup of tea (for instance, Bad Feminist was not my cup of tea and that was ANECDOTAL, but that another issue for another day [and side note – y’all should still give it a go if you haven’t read it]).

Those are two things that I have found bother people about some books (myself included), so I wanted them out there before I go on. Granted, I don’t want to establish a bias, but I like being warned about things and I like to extend such courtesy to others as well.

Here is a quick summary about the book: It starts off with the author talking about how she met her husband, and then continues on following her life, and that of her family, as they move from a fast-paced environment to a suburb in Kanas. Once they get to the suburbs all types of weirdness (don’t worry she makes it funny) ensues.

Now, the main characteristic that drew me in with this book was the way she describes everything about her life. Sure, she is self-deprecating, but man she is BRUTAL to those around her. But it’s not a nasty meanness. It’s an honest, I’m-gonna-call-you-on-your-bullshit kind of brutality. And my god …. she is so funny. And if you’re of camp SARCASM FOR LIFE then you will L-O-V-E this book.

Okay, that’s the meat of want to say about this book. If you need some PG-13 giggles in your life check it out and have a great time!

If you have already read this book, let me know what your favorite story was!


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