Summer Time at the Library

Good evening (or morrow, depending on where you are) folks! How goes it? On my front, all is swell and well. However, I am going to take a blog post worth of space on this here inter-webs to get on a soap-box of sorts. Actually, that’s putting it nicely, this is a whiny/venting post. Feel free to ignore. 🙂

I may have mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again for the sake of being repetitive. I work at a public library, and I L-O-V-E my job. However . . . summer time is CRAZY time. Why? Surely, the reason is self explanatory, but I’ll indulge you. There is no school. Therefore, there are kiddos everywhere! And sure, I love that they love to read (I want a smart future generation since my future old butt will be depending on them down the road). But, the wee humans have no understanding that it’s rude or, er, annoying to be yelling in a library; or that it’s really hard for me to talk to their mommies and daddies when they’re yelling “Mahm, mahm, mahm, mahm,” at the top of their lungs because, gosh darn-it, they have something they need to say right then and there.

Then there is the sheer volume of material that is constantly flowing in and out. God bless our library aides because they do not have a dull moment during the summer. There is always, always, something to shelve. I will say I find it slightly amusing to see the parents come in with boxes of books to return. They look flustered and just a little lost. I have no children, but I feel like their thoughts run somewhere along the line of, “Yeah, my kids read ALL these books. And we’re here for more.” Again, YAY! for reading and promoting a love (or a least like/tolerance) of reading in the future generation, but damn. That’s a lot of books that need to get checked in and organized now.

But you know what? That’s my job! And though it gets hectic and the kids have no volume or self control, my job is awesome. It’s an interesting place filled with interesting people, and I’m grateful that I get to call my public library my home (of sorts). Plus, I got to hold a 7-week old husky puppy today! Sqeeeeeeeee! 

Thanks for listening, uh, I mean reading my complaining. Next time, I’ll bring a bottle of wine so it’s more enjoyable (LOL). Have a great one, y’all. Till next time!



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