Sometimes you need to read a book that you know will make you smile and be happy at the end of it, you know? Well, for all you bookies that like to read to books that have a heavy emphasis on books, I got a recommendation for you.

Kate Carlisle’s Bibliophile Mystery series is one of my favorites. Currently I am on book four, Murder Under Cover, and waiting for five and six to get their papery selves to my branch so I can check them out. There are a lot of really fun traits about this series that make it such a joy to read.

The main character, Brooklyn, is a book restorer who lives in a picturesque San Francisco, California. She’s very good at her job and always gets to work on really neat and interesting books. But besides being my hero in regards to book restoration/binding she is a quirky and sarcastic character that is fun to read. Sure, she can be a little whiny at times, but I can’t honestly blame her. I would be whiny too if people kept showing up dead around me. But moving along. . .

Some other great aspects about this series are the supporting characters. Brooklyn’s main squeeze, Derek, is a dashing British spy type that is, for the most part, a believable human being (I mean if I wanted really believable human beings I would not be reading these). Her best friend is an over-the-top fashionista artist that balances out Brooklyn’s mellower and laid back personality. And then there are her parents. Honestly, these parents are too funny and weird and I just can’t help but love them.

Next, there is the main mystery of each book. The mysteries are believable if a tad bit weird because who woulda thunk that the book world was such a violent and dangerous place? But hey, that’s why there is the suspension of disbelief, right? Anyways, the mysteries are intriguing and interesting, and I’ve only been able to guess the bad guy once; which is good, because a book whose mystery is so simple that you figure it out before you’re halfway done is just boring and a let-down.

The setting of the book, which I briefly mentioned above, is also just lovely to read. Carlisle does a great job of writing enough detail about the various settings and attaching just the right about of emotion to it as well. It adds up to books with settings that make you want go visit there ASAP.

Okay, last characteristic I want to mention, then I promise to stop typing. The fact that everything about these books is centered on books or the book world! Bookworm paradise, yes? But more than that for someone who has no experience with bookbinding or book restoration, this series has been a nice introduction to that whole side of the book world.  But, obviously, don’t take the books at their word in regards to accuracy (No offense, Ms. Carlisle.)

So, if you’re in the mood for a cozy mystery series check this out and tell me what you think!


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