Articles to Rack the Neurons Around

  • On Reading a Book at the Right Time
    I liked this article because I have thought, “Maybe I’ll appreciate or understand *insert book title* when I get older” numerous times. I thought this with George Orwell’s 1984. I read it when I was 14 years old during a trip to Europe. I asked my Algebra professor (an awesome man that made math fun) what he recommended. He asked what level I was looking for (easy, medium, hard), I answered medium, he recommended 1984. But at 14 years old … perhaps it was slightly harder than a medium level read; even for an “advanced reader.”
    My reading experience with this book was mostly feeling. I couldn’t really analyze it. But I always think about when I hear/read/talk about the idea that some books have to read when the reader is “the right age.” I personally think it’s more when the reader is ready, but that’s too ambiguous for most people.