Podcasts About Books: 

Get Booked – This is a bi-weekly show that gives book recommendations to people who write in. They don’t focus on any one specific genre (one of the perks I think!) and really pay attention to what people are asking for in their questions. The hosts Amanda and Jenn (sorry I don’t remember their last names) are super funny and energetic and give the whole show a great vibe! I love listening to them when I’m stuck in traffic or looking for something new to read, but don’t really know what I want.

Dear Book Nerd – This is bi-weekly show that talks about life and how books/literature interact/affect/impact our lives. People write in with a variety of questions (the first one that comes to mind is one time someone wanted advice on how to get a good job in the library industry) and the host and co-host-of-the-week do their best to offer advice and resources. The resources aspect is what makes this podcast a great listen because you could have a similar question to the one they are discussing or get interested by something they are discussing and then you can go find out a bunch more information, knowing that your heading in right direction, rather than floundering around on Google.

Unfortunately, the show has stopped airing, but you can still listen to all 73 episodes that have been recorded!

Podcasts That Tell Stories:

Lore – This is also a bi-weekly podcast that is great if scary stories (fiction and non-fiction alike) are your cup of tea! There are so many great things about this show! First, the narrator, Aaron Mahnke is a FANTASTIC narrator. He has figured out the best pace for the show and he has a great voice for it. Second, he picks really good music. The music always just fits. Lastly, everything is talks about is REAL. This amazing storyteller researches all of his topics and uses the history or folklore (which I argue is historical) to craft the tells he tells us. Please, give this one a go!


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